"The King & The Queen" - dinning room furniture (tables), Milan (Italy), Year 2009

“The King and The queen”

The inspiration came from chess game. The idea behind was to mix classics and high technologies.

What came out were: “The Queen” – round table for four person and “The King” square table for six person. The smooth, curved lines of base construction; simple shape of a surface with delicate decoration, and integrated LED light that makes this peaces so unique. The table becomes a highlight of any interior, you can choose “The Queen” in combination, high glossy black with violet integrated light, or in  ‘frozen cherry’ high glossy white in combination with pink lights; “The King” comes also in ‘moon light’ glossy black with yellow.

“The Queen” is like a lady, feminine shape with a rounded crone and delicate decoration, that reminds an old mirror in a frame. The base is supported by the light, that is integrated in construction, highlighting the beauty of it. At the evening the table becomes a flower, an art element of an ambient.

“The King” is more masculine shaped, thanks to squared surface, the crone and more simple construction of the base, however curves of the table legs are hold in more classic style. There is as well a decoration on the top and the frame around it, the legs have integrated LED lights. This table is more like a painting in a frame. Both of the tables have built in lion battery and a charger. The decoration on the top and built in the base are the light diodes.