B illusion conceptual project (office furniture) for SACEA Spa, Milan (Italy), Year 2008

ILLUSION WALL (Mr. FLEXY, MAGIC WALL, HIDE & PLAY WALL) conceptual project in collaboration with Sacea Spa & IED Design.

HIDE & PLAY WALL - modular system, an furniture unite.

Purpose of this element is creation of in-between area in an office and can be an economical answer to irrational use of office space.

WALL can be either integrated in niche, or used as a free standing unite, in that case it can play role of partition wall.

Facade side of MAGIC WALL contains hidden elements, that can be pulled out for different purpose, and pushed back after the use, while the back side is a storage area.

The WALL can be assembled in different ways, as it comes in modules, you can either have the whole scenario or just several options assembled together. The best part is that you don't need anymore special room or space for kitchen, dinning zone, relax zone or any other space that usually takes so much useful space, especially in a small offices, plus of this specific systems, is rationality and flexibility, you just pull out the necessary "function" at the time you need it and push it back after; easy you safe space and time.
It is also very nice design element that will be an eye-catcher and a highlight in your office, as it has those artistic decoration on a surface that also indicate the function of the hidden furniture peace.